Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA)

The Harvard – A Canadian Aviation Icon

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association - CHAA

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association – CHAA

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft
A favourite at the Canadian Aviation Expo (2008) was the Canadian Harvard Aircraft. Based in Tillsonburg, Ontario, the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA) maintains a fleet of vintage Harvard Aircraft beautifully restored and maintained.

The CHAA is a volunteer organization started 1985 at a small grass airstrip in Woodstock, Ontario. These Harvard lovers help keep the legend of the Harvard alive.
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Also known as the AT-6, Yale, Texan, SNJ, or Wirraway based on the same airframe, the Harvard is always a crowd pleaser. The Harvard is one of the best known training aircraft in the world.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Radial Engine

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Radial Engine

Supersonic Propeller Tips
The 9 foot propeller is powered by a massive radial engine causing the propeller tips to go supersonic causing an unforgettable roar.

The Harvard Aircraft was an advanced trainer used by 137,000 aircrew who came from all over the world to Learn to Fly in Canada as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

The Harvard filled the gap between the elementary trainers of the day like the D.H. TIGER MOTH, and the high performance fighters such as the Spitfires, Hurricanes and Mustangs. The Harvard Aircraft is fully aerobatic and pleasant to fly, but student pilots were taught to respect the aircraft if they wished to survive.

Harvard MK II SpecificationsCanadian Harvard Aircraft Association – CHAA

Harvard MK II Specifications
Powerplant: Supercharged PRATT & WHITNEY R-1340-S3H1
Engine Type:  Radial Piston Engine
Power: 600 hp @ 2250 rpm
Maximum Speed: 156 knots
Initial Rate of Climb: 1,359 ft/minute
Range: 740 miles
Endurance: 8 hours
Service Ceiling: 22,000 ft.
Fuel Consumption: 30 gallons/ hr @ 10,000 ft.
Weight: 3,995 lbs empty
Maximum Take-off Weight: 5,750 lbs.
Length: 28′ 11″
Span: 42′
Height: 9′ 9″

Harvard Aircraft Formation Flight

Harvard Aircraft Formation Flight

The Harvards in Formation Flight
The sight of a single, restored, vintage Harvard airplane is impressive. However, to see a fleet of Harvard aircraft fly by in formation flight is absolutely amazing. The sound is incredible as you hear the combined drone of a half dozen Harvard airplanes in low and slow flight.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA) has a fleet of restored Harvard airplanes. These vintage aircraft are meticulously and lovingly restored to flight condition and maintained by the qualified mechanics at CHAA. Most are ‘In Service’, and flown by experienced CHAA Pilots to the delight of aviation enthusiasts across Canada.

These flying machines are a piece of Canada’s aviation history.

CHAA Harvard Fleet:

  • C-FHWX – Harvard Mk. II
  • C-FMTX – Harvard Mk. II
  • C-FRWN – Harvard Mk. II
  • C-FMKA – Harvard Mk. II
  • C-FNDB – Harvard Mk. IIb
  • C-FRZW – Harvard Mk. IV
  • CF-UFZ – Harvard Mk. IV
  • C-FWPK – Harvard Mk IV

Many thanks to the hard workers at the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA) for their devoted work on maintaining Canada’s fleet of vintage Harvard Aircraft!

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  1. David Fruhling says

    Just wondering about this aircraft (MKIV) My old friend just sold his late Father’s Mk IV and I am wondering about it. Was it used as just a trainer or more? What engine? 1340? He seemed pretty sad as he saw it flying out of Monterey, Ca. on it’s way home w/it’s new owner today (1/15/12) I’m sort of an aviation buff. My late Father and Brother have 50 combined years U.S. Navy Aviation. I was U.S. Army 14th. Avn. Bttn. in 1973/74 Fort Sill, Oklahoma (rotary wing) My late-best friends Mother just died 12/18/11. She worked for Lockheed-Burbank from 10/28/42 to 8/30/46 (employee #030659) She was so proud of the fact she helped assemble P38’s. She had a nice wooden(?) promotional model of it and many lithographs from Lockheed of that ship and others. I have them, now. If anyone wants to contact me concerning the Canadian Harvard and/or Lockheed, I’m at

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