Meet Dusty Crophopper – Star of Disney Planes

Meet Dusty the Crop Duster in Real Life!

Meet Dusty Crophopper from Disney Planes - In Real Life!

Meet Dusty Crophopper from Disney Planes – In Real Life!

Dusty Crophopper
Yes! Pictured here is a real airplane.

Actual Photo – Real Airplane!
This is not a cartoon drawing of an aircraft, but this an actual, un-touched photo of a real, flying aircraft. The airplane you are looking at is an Air Tractor AT-301 Crop Duster that has been painted to resemble “Dusty” (Dusty Crophopper), star of the new Disney movie “Planes”.

Disney’s Planes
Everyone enjoyed “Cars” from Disney Pixar, and now there is the new franchise “Planes”. Dusty Crophopper, voiced by Dane Cook, stars as a Crop Duster aircraft with incredible determination. Dusty races in the “Wings Around The Globe” Rally air race and his mentor and coach is “Skipper Riley” (Stacey Keach), a gruff, Ex-Navy F4U Corsair war hero.

3D, Animated Comedy
Disney Planes is a 3D, Animated, Comedy that the entire family will absolutely love. And of course, “Aviation” is an incredible theme, making this a great film for anyone who loves aircraft and flying. From above the world of “Cars”, we now have the action-packed Disney’s Planes. Aviators young and old will love this thrilling new movie starring Dusty Crophopper.

Meet Dusty in Real Life: Dusty Crophopper – Disney’s Planes

Behind the Scenes with Dusty Crophopper at the Waterloo Air Show

Behind the Scenes was invited behind-the-scenes at the Waterloo Air Show to meet Dusty. It was great to spend some time with “Dusty”, and the single seat Air Tractor AT-301 Crop Duster aircraft is amazing. Of course, the paint scheme is incredible, with the airplane taking on the personality and character of Dusty Crophopper. And, the performance of the AT-301 is fantastic.

Rusty Lindeman - Pilot - Dusty Crophopper - Disney Planes

Salute to Dusty!

Rusty Lindeman
The accomplished and friendly pilot who brings “Dusty” to life at Air Shows and aviation events is Rusty Lindeman of Rusty’s Flying Service located in D’Hanis, Texas. We spent a few days with Rusty at the Waterloo Air Show, and Rusty is super friendly, just like the character “Dusty” that he depicts.

Salute to Rusty
Of course, Rusty maintains an inconspicuous role, to make certain he doesn’t take-away from the star character – “Dusty”.

As Dusty the crop duster performs above the crowds, the excited and eager spectators forget there is even a pilot performing. “Dusty” the airplane is always centre stage, and Rusty is happy to keep his involvement hidden from the crowds.

Dusty the Airplane
Dusty the aircraft magically “comes alive” before the crowds. Within a few moments, and with a little imagination, Dusty Crophopper, the star of Disney’s Planes, appears to be a live character, performing for everyone to enjoy.

Kids Love Dusty!
The kids go crazy, and they love the experience of seeing Dusty in real life. You can hear and feel the excitement of all the kids in the crowd, as they watch in awe as Dusty performs right before their eyes. Dusty was a huge hit at the Waterloo Air Show, and even the pilots in the crowd didn’t seem to notice Rusty as he was over-shadowed by the huge persona of Dusty the aircraft.

Dusty - Disne's Planes - Dusty Crophopper - Crop Duster AirplaneDusty Crophopper

Disney’s Planes Takes Off!
Dusty, lucky number 7, or D7 for short, is only one of many aircraft in Disney’s Planes. But, Dusty is truly the star of the show. Dusty, and the rest of the gang “Take-Off” in theatres on August 9, 2013.

August 9, 2013
The first instalment, of what promises to be a series of “Planes” movies in the franchise, opens on August 9, and the anticipation for this movie has been awesome. Dusty (Rusty) has performed at air shows in Canada and the United States over the summer, and the crowds are all eagerly anticipating the release of Disney’s Planes.

“Wings Around The Globe” Rally
The premise behind “Planes” is Dusty, a simple crop duster, dreams of racing in the “Wings Around The Globe” Rally. This is a spectacular Air Race, and the thought of Dusty, or a crop duster for that matter, competing against professional air racers seems impossible. Dusty is the underdog, but, Dusty has Determination!

Afraid of Heights!
Dusty is afraid of heights. As you know, Dusty is a crop duster, and crop dusters only fly at low altitudes. They are “Crop Hoppers”, as Dusty’s appropriate surname implies – Dusty Crophopper. It seems like Dusty is up against impossible odds, but his friends and especially his mentor, “Skipper” help him to achieve his greatest dream. The message is typical Disney, with a heart-warming story that encourages us to reach for the skies to pursue our greatest dreams.

Dusty D7 Crophopper - Crop Duster - Disney Planes

Dusty Crophopper D7

Authentic Flying
One of the biggest challenges in producing Disney’s Planes was making everything look authentic. American Animation Director, Klay Hall, came from an aviation background, and he masterfully accomplished what was needed to bring the aircraft to life.

Planes Director Klay Hall
Klay Hall is the son of a Naval Aviator, and he grew up around airports, airplanes and aviators. Klay and his very talented team worked meticulously to ensure the film is believable for everyone, including the Aviation community.

Attention to Detail
As you watch Dusty, and the other aircraft flying in the movie, you can see that the control surface movements, speeds, rates of turn, rates of climb and other manoeuvring capabilities are as close to realistic as possible. The result is a very believable and convincing animation that makes you believe the airplanes are really flying, and they look like authentic aircraft – even to experienced aviators.

Thumb Up for Dusty!
Cheer Dusty on!

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Without a doubt, Disney’s Planes is going to be a huge success. It appeals to kids, families, and the entire Aviation Community.

Remember, Disney’s Planes Takes-Off on August 9, 2013. The airports and flying clubs will be empty that day, as all the aviators will be at their local movie theatre, to see Dusty and his friends in Disney’s Planes.

In the words of Dusty, See-YAH!

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