Private Pilot License Written Exam Preparation

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Private Pilot License Written Exam Preparation (PPL)

Private Pilot License Exam Prep

Practice Exam Questions
Steve Pomroy of SkyWriters Publishing can help you pass the Transport Canada Private Pilot License Written Exam (PPL). Steve has written an excellent Exam Prep book to help the student pilot prepare for the Private Pilot written exam for Aeroplanes (PPAER) administered by Transport Canada. Before taking the exam, the student pilot must first complete the required Private Pilot Ground School classes.

Ground School
The Ground School component of Flight Training is minimum 40 hours of classroom instruction. Student Pilots will maintain a “Pilot Training Record”, and this booklet will include a record of the student’s Ground School with their classroom hours signed-off by their ground school instructor. Many PPL Ground School courses are scheduled over 15 classes, of about 3 hours each. Typically, this would be once per week, covering a period of almost 4 months. (a typical semester at school)

Sometime during the 15 weeks of ground school, the student pilot usually begins their flight instruction in the airplane. This allows the student to progress through both their ground school (classroom instruction), and their flight instruction lessons (flying the airplane) at the same time. Before the student pilot can solo (i.e. fly the airplane alone), they must demonstrate safe handling of the aircraft to their instructor, and the instructor must “sign off” on their ability to operate the airplane safely. In addition, the student pilot must pass the Transport Canada PSTAR written exam. The PSTAR exam is a “Pre Solo Test of Air Regulations” written exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions, from a pool of 200 potential questions.

The Private Pilot Aeroplane (PPAER) Written Exam
In addition to the PSTAR Exam, the student pilot must also take the Private Pilot License (PPL) Transport Canada (TC) Written Exam for Aeroplanes (PPAER). This exam is usually taken when the student pilot finishes their Ground School classes. The Private Pilot License (PPL) Written Exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions from four knowledge areas.

Four Knowledge Areas:

  1. Air Law (Air Law and Procedures)
  2. Navigation (Navigation and Radio Aids)
  3. Meteorology
  4. Aeronautics – General Knowledge (Airframes, Engines and Systems; Theory of Flight; Flight Instruments; Flight Operations; Human Factors)

Pass Mark
The student pilot must achieve a minimum mark of 60% in each of the four knowledge areas, and an overall mark of 60% or higher on the entire exam to pass the Transport Canada PPL Written Exam (PPAER).

Multiple Choice Exam Preparation - Private Pilot Exam

Private Pilot Exam Preparation

Private Pilot License Written Exam Preparation
The TC PPL Written Exam is 100 multiple choice questions. As preparation for this multiple choice exam, we suggest students invest in a copy of the Private Pilot License – Written Exam Preparation book by Steve Pomroy.

As editor of, I received a copy of Steve’s book so I could review it for our online visitors. This is a great book, and I strongly suggest student pilots purchase a copy to help them prepare for the Transport Canada written exam.

Steve’s book is an exam preparation book for pilot candidates preparing for the Transport Canada written examination for the Private Pilot License – Aeroplane (PPAER).

Over 900 Questions
Steve’s Exam Prep book includes over 900 practice questions to help the student prepare for the Transport Canada Private Pilot License written exam test. These practice questions are designed to simulate the difficulty level and the style of questions the student should expect to find on the actual exam. By working through these practice questions, the test candidate will be well prepared to succeed on the actual exam.

Familiarize Candidates
The practice questions in Steve’s book are well designed to familiarize candidates with the mechanics, structure, difficulty level, and pitfalls to be expected on the Transport Canada style multiple choice exams. Any student preparing for the private pilot license written exam will greatly benefit from the practice and strategies they get from Steve’s book: Private Pilot License: Written Exam Preparation.

Private Pilot License Written Exam Prep – Questions and Answers – Practice Questions

Questions And Answers - Exam Prep - Practice Questions - Private Pilot

PPL Exam Prep – Practice Questions

Sample Questions
The 900 plus sample questions in Steve Pomroy’s Exam Prep book are categorized by the Four Knowledge Areas covered in the Transport Canada PPL written exam.

9 Exams
Steve’s book contains nine (9) examinations containing approximately 100 questions each. These 9 exams (over 900 questions) will help the student pilot prepare for the TC written exam, and determine their readiness before taking the exam.

The first seven exams are categorized by Knowledge Area. These are subject specific examinations to help the pilot study and prepare for the exam by Knowledge Area. The last two exams are complete practice exams designed to simulate the actual TC exam the student will be writing.

Practice Exams
Steve’s book contains a complete answer key for each of the 9 exams, and the student can easily grade their performance to discover weaknesses and areas where further study is recommended. The two last exams are simulation exams, and the student can reliably assess their knowledge level before taking the actual TC exam. The questions in the two simulation exams are also categorized by the four Knowledge Areas to assist the student in determining their preparedness for each of the four subject areas as well as their overall readiness for the actual Private Pilot License written exam.

9 Practice Exams:

  1. Meteorology Theory (100 Questions)
  2. Applied Meteorology (95 Questions)
  3. Navigation Theory (Including Radio Navigation) (105 Questions)
  4. Applied Navigation (Including Radio Navigation) (91 Questions)
  5. Air Law (105 Questions)
  6. General Knowledge 1: Flight Theory, Instruments, Human Factors (102 Questions)
  7. General Knowledge 2: Airframes, Engines, Systems, Flight Operations (100 Questions)
  8. Simulated PPAER Exam 1 (105 Questions)
  9. Simulated PPAER Exam 2 (105 Questions)

Exam Appendices
Steve’s book includes an appendix with sample charts, tables, graphs, METAR’s, NOTAM’s and other supplemental data to be referenced when answering the practice questions. Similar to the actual Transport Canada exam, the candidate will be asked to reference and interpret sample data and information contained in attachments to properly answer some questions.

The appendix in Steve’s book includes sample excerpts from the Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS), and a Full-color, double-sided VNC (NAV Canada – VFR Navigation Chart) excerpt. The student will gain valuable practice answering questions that refer to sample supplemental attachments that might be used in “real life” scenarios when preparing for a flight.

Multiple Choice Questions
This PPL Exam Prep book begins with a detailed and helpful section on multiple choice exam mechanics and strategies. The student will be guided through the format of the exam questions typically seen on a Transport Canada Private Pilot License written exam. The student will benefit from the many tips and suggestions Steve provides for improving your odds of answering questions correctly.

Computer Based Exams
Transport Canada PPL Exams are now computer based, and Steve’s book helps to explain the software interface used to administer the exams. Steve uses “Screen Shots” from Computer Based Exams to help familiarize the candidate with the software interface, and important concepts such as the Navigation Bar and Question Layout are well explained.

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Purchase Steve’s book, Private Pilot License – Written Exam Preparation by SkyWriters Publishing and then register for the competition!

Student Pilots preparing for the Transport Canada Private Pilot License (PPL) Written Exam – Aeroplane (PPAER) who used Steve’s book to prepare, could win. See Steve’s website for terms and conditions.

Ace the Exam!
After using Steve’s book to prepare, you will hopefully ace the exam. Take the Transport Canada PPL Exam before October 31, 2012, and follow the competition rules to submit your marks. The Students with the top exam marks (on their first attempt) will be eligible to win a Flying Scholarship.

The SkyWriters Publishing Flying Scholarship
First Place Prize: $1,000 Flying Scholarship
Second and Third Place Prizes: $500 Flying Scholarship

The Prize Money will be paid on account at the flight school/club of the winner’s choice. The scholarship funds may be used for aircraft rental, training, pilot supplies etc.

(Terms and Conditions apply. Refer to SkyWriters Publishing for complete rules and details)

Be Prepared!
Steve’s book is a great way to be prepared for the Transport Canada PPL written exam. It’s not intended to be a primary textbook for flight training, but instead it’s a helpful exam prep book with over 900 practice questions. Exam candidates will be more comfortable with the style of Transport Canada exams, and they will be benefit from the well written sample exam questions covering the four primary Knowledge Areas covered by the TC PPL exam.

SkyWriters Publishing

SkyWriters Publishing

SkyWriters Publishing
Steve Pomroy’s books are available through his company SkyWriters Publishing in Manitoba, Canada.

Another Great Book
Steve’s book “Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots: A practical guide to aircraft handling, stability, and performance” is also available, and pilots of all levels of experience will benefit from this great aviation textbook.

SkyWriters Publishing is an Aviation Publishing Company based in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. They provide various aviation publications in the Flight Training Industry in Canada. These books help to enhance the flight training experience and the success rate of student pilots.

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Private Pilot License – Written Exam Preparation, by Steve Pomroy.

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Ace the Transport Canada Private Pilot License (PPL) Aeroplane (PPAER) Written Exam!

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